In ICC Champions Trophy 2009 all Sri Lankan players were not alive, if this person does not show courage

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In ICC Champions Trophy 2009 Sri Lanka Faced a Terrorist Attack

The last league match in the icc champions trophy is to be played between Sri Lanka and Pakistan today. Both teams of icc champions trophy will clash to make it to the semi-finals. When the names of these two teams arrive, the memories of that dark day of cricket history are fresh when the Sri Lankan team that went to Pakistan in 2009 and there was a terrorist attack on them. Every player in the team was planning to take the ferry, but one man took the entire team out from the mouth of death.

On 3 March 2009, after ICC CHAMPIONS  TROPHY match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan there was an attack on the Sri Lanka National Cricket Team.  A bus which carrying the Sri Lanka National Cricket Team was fired by 12 gunmen in Lahore, near Gaddafi Stadium, Pakistan.

Two Civilians and 6 Pakistani Policeman were killed, and 6 Members of Sri Lanka National Cricket Team were injured.

The Sri Lanka National Cricket Team was going to play the second test against the National Pakistan Cricket Team.

The Sri Lankan team bus driver ‘Khalil’ told about the entire incident of the attack on the team bus on March 3, 2009. He said, “At the beginning, I thought that people of Lahore were burning firecrackers in the celebration, but after a while, two people came running on my side and started firing, and after that, I felt it was something else.

At that time, I was nervous, but at the same time, Sri Lankan players shouting at the back and asking to leave the bus. He shrugged so loud that I felt like 440-volt current. Then I do not know what happened, I thought without thinking anything, just started flicking. ”

8 people had died

In this attack, seven players of the team were injured, while 8 people died. Khalil said, “After reaching the safe location, Sri Lankan players praised me very much, one of them asked me to go to Sri Lanka, but I said that I am a family, I cannot go anywhere.” Khalil was honored by the President of Sri Lanka for this bravery.